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The Elastic Bungie are extremely tough, high-stretch, woven polypropylene braiding covering a strong natural rubber latex core. The cord is light-weight, strong, wear-resistant and long lasting. Capable of stretching under load to about twice it’s untensioned length. The cord is particularly suitable for tarpaulin/soft cover tie-downs for trailers, pick-ups, roof-racks, boats, trampolines and garden furniture etc.


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Product Description

  • Hardened hooks for optimum strength.
  • Independently approved.
  • Transport lightweight items which can safely be secured to the rear seat or rack of your motorcycle.
  • Attach to secure mounting points, such as dedicated luggage hooks, solid footrest brackets or parts of the frame.
  • Ensure that the items being transported are attached in a way that does not endanger you, your property or others.
  • Nylon coated, hardened hooks.
  • Length : 600 mm.


About Held

After the end of World War Two and the expulsion of German citizens from Abertamy,Bohemia now part of Czech republic BRUNO HELD and Son EDGAR senior founded the company Held at their new home in Burgberg.BRUNO HELD and Son EDGAR senior,Both Professional Glove makers,they began with the production of Fusion gloves,Safety gloves and driving gloves. Held means 'hero' for German, as they know that it is there customers who are the true hero’s.The company is owned and run by sons of the founder, EDGAR and Erhald held with their sons and daughter in turn working as part of the 100 strong team along with 300 employees involved in manufacturing facility in Hungary. For 70years till now Held brand stands for innovative motorcycling garments and rider equipment with the highest wearing comfort,usability and uncompromising safety.Held products use the latest technologies to make motorcycling safer and more comfortable.Held products are available throughout the world.


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