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HEAROS Xtreme Protection Ear Plugs prevent a deluge of damaging decibels from assailing your ears. These soft polyurethane foam hearing protection plugs give you a customized fit by conforming to the contours of your auditory canals and blocking out loud noises that cause hearing loss.


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Product Description

  • HEAROS Ear Plugs are made of hypoallergenic foam, making them safe for the most sensitive ears.
  • A soft, closed-cell skin prevents dirt build-up and permits comfortable wear for long periods.
  • Unique formula and design lets you roll the plugs between your fingertips and then insert them in your ears.
  • With NRR 33 being the highest grade for foam ear plugs, these noise-cancelling HEAROS Ear Plugs combine superior comfort and protection for your hearing.



In 1992, from an apartment in Studio City, California, Doug Pick created the HEAROS brand. He was just a regular ear plug user and wasn’t happy with the products available in the market. After doing due diligence Mr. Doug Pick made the decision to start an ear plug company, the concept hinged on 7 simple words: bring high-quality ear plugs to users. HEAROS is all about quality,there are specific design and formulation attributes that are important to learn why the HEAROS foam ear plugs are superior to others. HEAROS ear plugs provide the optimal protection, fit and feel. HEAROS and its sister brand, Sleep Pretty in Pink, are two of the most successfully marketed ear plug brands having been featured on national TV, Radio, Print and throughout the Internet. HEAROS is the number one selling brand in USA. With the introduction of there own manufacturing plant and having created 23 ear plug patents, they now have a budding industrial division,servicing the needs of today’s safety professionals.


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