About Us

Since 2013, we have made our presence felt in the arena of motorcycling accessories in India. With the rise of online marketplace, in 2017, we evolved ourselves as a brand named Motorevz from our mother company THW Retail Pvt Ltd. The vison of our company is to revolutionise the motorcycling accessories’ retail industry. Motorevz will be a trusted marketplace for people to search, find and buy a wide range of motorcycling accessories from reputed brands around the world.

When I was a teenager, when Internet was just dawning, I accessed the Internet via an Internet cafe and searched ‘how to be a motorcycle racer’. That was my first ever Internet search. For an Indian kid from a middle class family, the world of motorcycle racing was totally a distant dream. Sailing with the fate, instead of a racer, I became a mechanical engineer. However, my passion for motorcycling grew with me. At a later point of my life, when I put my first helmet on my head, I felt like I am a vagabond. The wind on the face, the sound on the ears, the friction on the corners, and anything and everything I experienced on two wheels pumped up my adrenaline. And that feeling reminded me that I am part of this unending roads; that I have some direct connection with the road in front of me.

From there, we established Motorevz to pump up the same adrenaline of our fellow riders; to make them feel what we too have experienced. At Motorevz, every single team member is a motorcycle enthusiast. We ride machines and we love the roads, and so we know what our brotherhood needs.

A simple search on the Internet would give you hundreds of online shops that sell motorcycle accessories, from where selecting the right one becomes crucial and confusing. Motorevz is the one destination where you can find the right motorcycling accessories at the right price with great discounts and of utmost authenticity. Motorevz will be sourcing all the top brands from around the world for our Indian biker brothers and sisters. Since we are also the authorized dealer for all the products that we sell, customers will get the manufacturer warranty for the products purchased. Our communication with the customers will be honest and open, and we have their trust proven with the success of our mother company THW Retail Pvt Ltd. At the end of every day, the greatest acknowledgment that Motorevz stands for is their customer’s trust.

Hareesh S – Managing Director